Yixin Song

Software Developer

When I was very young, my grandfather bought us our first computer; it was 1996, I think. I loved that whenever I clicked on something, it had an immediate effect: something else popped open. I developed some curiosity around how that cause and effect worked, that was how I got interested in computer science.

I think since graduating and starting working professionally with computer science, I’ve become even more interested in CS. In school, you learn logic from books and projects, but at a company, you have the ability to do big things with what you’ve learned.

Now, I can see how many users are interacting with what I’ve built, and I can see the impact that our problem-solving as a team has on their experience, which is very exciting.

At SoFi, which is a new kind of finance company that takes an unprecedented approach to lending and wealth management, my current project is building out our wealth management platform.

Right now, I’m mostly focused on the backend, which involves developing workflow and the trading process, but I’m also working with our product managers to design the user interface. It’s exciting to be a part of a team on which we’re working to solve for a really great user experience while developing products that help people take control of their financial lives through transparency and simplicity.

Personally, I’m tasked with making the application more efficient and making sure the User Interface (UI) is seamless for the end user, and generally making our process faster on both the business side and the customer side through really great technology.

What I love really is solving coding problems: how to fix bugs and coming up with good ideas to improve proficiency. It helps that I get to solve these problems in a good environment with a talented team and good managers.

Someday, I’d like to help kids from developing countries, kids who have never used computers before – I’d like to help bring internet to those communities and teach kids coding skills.

If you’re curious in CS, follow that curiosity and see where it leads. CS can be a really fulfilling, interesting career path, because there’s always more to do and learn.

Yixin’s path to software developer at SoFi

>> Bachelor’s Degree in Network Engineering, Nanjing University

>> Master of Science in Computer Science, George Washington University

>> Software Developer, SoFi

Software developer

“CS can be a really fulfilling, interesting career path, because there’s always more to do and learn.”

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