Clennita Justice

Senior engineering program manager

As a kid, I wanted to be a dancer, then a lawyer and then a poet. I also remember math being my favorite subject. As a senior in high school, I took a computer programming class. I did well and really liked it.

When I took my first programming class as a freshman, I was hooked. I remember standing in front of an ATM on UC Berkeley’s campus and wanting to know how it worked. That has stayed consistent in my career — I want to know how things work.

I now help researchers study large groups of users to inform them on how to build better products, like Google Maps and Google Search. My friends and family didn’t have any understanding of what I did when I was writing code every day. Now, they come to me to help expose others to computer science careers.

The best advice I’ve been given lately is to be curious before being certain. I think that applies to all areas of life and especially my career.

Clennita’s study and career path

>> Studied for a bachelor in computer science, University of Denver then UC Berkeley

>> Taught herself to use HTML, CSS, and Javascript

>> Completed a masters in computer science, Howard University

>> Received a Project Management Professional Certification, PMI

>> Became a senior engineering program manager at Google

senior engineering

“The best advice I’ve been given lately is to be curious before certain.”

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