Victoria C Nneji

Robotics engineer

During my fellowship as a robotics engineer at Stanford, my team and I designed a companion robot to tutor young students through mechatronics. Our experiments found they were more likely to bond with the robot when it was more vulnerable or expressive.

I could’ve used such a robot when I moved to the United States and started school in rural South Carolina at age five! Being an immigrant was challenging but ultimately rewarding in the strengths I’ve built with the social and educational opportunities afforded to me.

I am blessed to have a courageous mother who reminds me that we’re not given the spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind to reach our life’s purpose. She encouraged me to reach for the highest, which propelled me to earn numerous scholarships.

My advice is to recognize these people in your life – family and others – who inspire you to be creative. We design our future, so let’s be thoughtful about it!

Victoria’s path to becoming a robotics engineer

>> Went to North Carolina School of Science + Mathematics high school

>> Spent a Summer at Google

>> Completed a Bachelor of Science in Applied Math, Columbia University

>> Earning a PhD in mechanical engineering – robotics, Duke University

robotics engineer

“We design our future, so let’s be thoughtful about it!”

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