Dr Cheryl McCarthy

Research Fellow

Nearly every week, I’m out on farms, hundreds of miles away from anywhere, where you can see nothing around but dirt or crops. We have a research center here, which is all about applying engineering to agriculture.

I am coding absolutely every day – and when I’m not coding, I’m out in the field implementing my code to actually do something.

My work includes the use of machine vision, imaging spectrometry and drone aerial photography to identify weeds in crops and spot-spray them.

This technique saves farmers money and reduces toxic loads on soils because it uses a fraction of the chemical herbicide needed for other methods, such as broadcast spraying or aerial crop-dusting.

Cheryl’s path to Research Fellow

>>  Bachelor of Engineering (Mechatronics), University of Southern Queensland (USQ)

>> PhD, USQ

>> Research Fellow, National Centre for Engineering in Agriculture, USQ

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research fellow

“I design automated weed control systems that use image recognition to identify weeds in crops.”

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