Gini Santos

Pixar animator

My journey to becoming a Pixar animator started with an interest in art; I studied to be a graphics artist and worked in advertising for about five years. During my Masters of Animation in New York City, I came across a course on computer animation.

I grew up watching animation as a kid in Guam and I loved it. I guess I had a knack for it too because the reel from my Masters got me hired at Pixar. Toy Story had just been released at the time and I just remember getting blown away by their work.

I never imagined I would find myself in a company like Pixar! Working on Dory in Finding Nemo made my career because it taught me to mime the motivation of what makes this character alive; she had a real quirky persona.

Three things that have helped in my career are my love for design, my interest in characters and what motivates them, and the tools that I use. Today, the ability to do things on your own is more accessible; whether that’s using your phone, or drawing on your computer.

We’re always looking for people that already have these skills and have some sort of training. To just share what you do is the really important thing.

My current project as one of two supervising animators for the Pixar movie, Coco, touches something that we all can relate to, which is family. I feel like a lot of people will be able to relate to the struggles, and the triumphs – I’m pretty excited to finish it and just watch the whole story.

Gini’s path to Pixar animator

>> Studied Fine Arts at the University of Santo Tomas with a major in Advertising

>> Completed a Master of Fine Arts at the School for Visual Arts, New York

>> Majored in Computer Arts

>> Works as a supervising animator at Pixar

Pixar animator

“Kids today can and will build the software of the future.”

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