Jorge Padilla

Mechanical engineer

I grew to love engineering as a child, working alongside my dad making mechanical repairs to our family cars. Every repair was a new learning experience. I now design hardware in Google’s data centers. Our servers are giant buildings, with row upon row of machines to provide the services that make Google function. These machines can overheat, so engineers like me find solutions for efficient heat transfer.

I’m passionate about sharing information with people through technology and experiences through sound. I play the trumpet and perform with the UC Berkeley Symphony Orchestra about twice a month. One of my favorite musicians, Miles Davis, wrote that “knowledge is freedom and ignorance is slavery.” I think this resonates with my role as an engineer and Google’s mission, to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.

Jorge’s study and career path

>> Studied a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, MIT

>> Completed a Masters in Mechanical Engineering, UC Berkeley

>> Became a senior thermal analyst, eSolar

>> Completed a PhD, UC Berkeley

>> Became a mechanical engineer, Google

mechanical engineer

“I am passionate about sharing information with people through technology.”

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