Jamal Eason

Product Manager at Google

I was switched on to computer science when I was 12, when my older brother gave me his old computer desktop from college. I had used computers before at school for a few minutes here and there, but this was the first one that we had at my house. It was fairly ancient even back then, but I was intrigued as to how how the machine worked from both the hardware and software perspective.

When I started learning about computer science, I was one of very few in my community and school, and it was not clear of the impact I could have. Now that I have decided to work in the tech industry, I am around people who use computer science in their jobs to change the world. I am even more excited each and every day to be in a career that can have real impact.

As Google product manager, my job is to provide the app developer software tool to make Android apps. Almost all Android app developers around world, both small and large teams, use Android Studio to make Android apps.

These apps improve a range of social activities such as communicating and sharing photos with one another, mobile payments, and to access information on the go. I am making it easier for people to take their ideas and develop a mobile app that they can use for themselves or share with the world.

At the moment, I can’t think of a cooler place to work at than Google! As technology evolves, I plan to evolve my career in tech as well. I moved from college where I was studying computer science to technology leadership roles in the military where I was stationed in Germany. I went back to school for my Masters in Business Administration (MBA), worked at a startup, then Intel, and now Google.

I am inspired when I can help someone learn about a new tech product or software application that furthers their happiness and productivity. My passion is to help people integrate technology in their lives. I am aware that not everyone spends their career using computer science, but I find there are many innovations created using computer science that can be applied to other people’s lives.

Jamal’s path to Google product manager

>> Did a Bachelor of Computer Science, United States Military Academy (West Point)

>> Earned a Masters in Information Technology, University of Maryland University College

>> Went back to school for a MBA, Harvard Business School

>> Worked in Product Manager and Business Development roles, Intel

>> Works as a Google product manager

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Google product manager

People use computer science in their jobs to change the world, and I am excited each and every day to be in a career that can have real impact.”

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