Angelica Inguanzo

Frontend software engineer

I had no exposure to computer science before college, but I loved math. Math was my favorite subject, and in my senior year of high school I took AP calculus and AP statistics at the same time.

When I first discovered computer science at college, it seemed intangible to me. I felt like I was miles behind my classmates. There are so many roadblocks, millions of bugs and a ton of things that’ll break before they work out. But there is something beautiful about being able to create whatever you can think of.

My mom is the biggest mentor I’ve ever had. She did all of the things my college mentors did without ever being an undergrad herself. She passed away during my last year of college, but Mom is still at the heart of my aspirations.

My family and friends used to think that having a career in computer science meant I could hack into systems or fix their computers. Since I’ve been working at Google, they’ve become more exposed to what it’s really all about.

I’ve had a passion for film my entire life and would love to combine that with computer science by providing mass access to both mediums.

My dream is to create a film studio that focuses on social injustices regarding race, poverty, immigration, discrimination and education in the United States. I’d utilize computer science in all my films and create characters and stories through the perspectives and voices of marginalized communities.

Anjelica’s study and career path

>> Attended Prospect High School

>> Went to college, UC Berkeley

>> Completed film editing internships

>> Interned at Google

>> Became a product quality analyst, Google

>> Works as a frontend software engineer, YouTube

software engineer

“There is something beautiful about being able to create whatever you can think of.”

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