Sue Perrotto

Disney animator

When I was young, I wanted to be an astronaut, actor, artist, you name it. But I always loved animation. It’s an art form where I get to do it all – even work with NASA!

After my degree in film/TV production at New York University, I started my career in animation. I’ve always been fascinated by coding and computer programming, and now animation has evolved into the digital realm, I can use the computer as part of my artist’s toolbox.

I bring scripts to life visually, drawing directly on Cintiq monitors and using software to create the images on a panel – I sync them to the dialogue, then add music and sound effects. Sometimes the coolest results are different from what you imagined at the start.

I really feel like I’m making a difference through the art of animation. Keeping material entertaining makes learning more accessible and more fun! I’ve always been astounded by the possibilities presented by computer science. My mind gets blown every day!

Sue’s study and career path

>> Started doing programming and film courses, Bishop Eustace Preparatory School

>> Attended an intro to film production course, UCLA

>> Studied Film/TV, New York University

>> Became an animator, Michael Sporn Animation

>> Working as a director on Miles from Tomorrowland

“The computer doesn’t create the magic – that comes from the individual!”

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