Tamar Cohen

Senior Computer Scientist

NASA is a phenomenal place to work! We’re helping to expand human knowledge about our universe. There’s so much still to discover in our oceans and many challenges with working and mapping under water. My primary project as Senior Computer Scientist is called xGDS – Exploration Ground Data Systems. xGDS helps people who are doing planetary research to visualize, organize and work with data.

When I was a young girl, I went to the lab with my dad at IBM and played on the mainframe computer. I took programming class in high school along with advanced math classes as I love math.

Some people take a short course in a software language and consider themselves experts, but really there’s a lot more to learn. There is a big benefit to formal education, internships and mentors.

In the meantime, there are great games and apps to get you started understanding logic and building software. Don’t be afraid to try stuff out, and definitely ask any mentors at school, at home and in your neighborhood for suggestions and tips.

Tamar’s path to Senior Computer Scientist

>> Studied Computer Science at Cornell’s Engineering School, Ithica, CA

>> Received a Master of Arts in Visual IT from George Mason University, Fairfax, VA

>> Employed as a Lead 3D Graphics Software Engineer, Sony

>> Works for SGT. Inc as a Senior Computer Scientist for NASA

computer scientist

“I write software to help expand our knowledge of the universe.”

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