What are other people doing?

Smart solutions

Perry Ogwuche

A practical problem led Perry Ogwuche to a new career.

A brighter mind

Clennita Justice

Clennita Justice doesn’t do boredom.

Tools for tech

Jamal Eason

After earning a degree in Computer Science and serving in the US Army, Jamal Eason is now a Product Manager at Google.

Dream bigger

Kenechi Ufondu

Coding was always a dream job for Kenechi Ufondu

Global coder

Tsion Behailu

Tsion Behailu dreams of making computer science accessible to everyone.

Fresh start

Alicia Carr

Alicia's app, PEVO, helps victims of domestic violence develop a safe exit plan.

Big mission

Tamar Cohen

Tamar Cohen writes software to support NASA scientists who are exploring planetary bodies remotely.

Pushing the threshold

Patrick Mercier

Patrick Mercier is developing tech to propel athletes to new heights.

New paths

Jonathan Graham

Jonathan Graham helps unemployed people unlock their potential.

Cartoon creator

Gini Santos

Gini Santos moved from her island home to work at one of the most amazing animation companies around.

Creative character

Maegan Clawges

Maegan Clawges moved from journalism and arts into computer science, and still loves storytelling

Computer wizz

Yixin Song

Yinxin Song uses her computer science skills as a software developer at the online personal finance company, SoFi.

Designing learning

Phil Wagner

Phil Wagner creates new ways for people to learn, and smarter systems that can learn from us

Guardian of our planet

Marchelle Lundquist

Marchelle Lundquist is building a sustainable society

Field work

Dr Cheryl McCarthy

Dr. Cheryl McCarthy designs automated weed control systems that use machine-based image recognition to identify weeds in crops.

Create change

Jen Aprahamian

As a Code for America software engineer, Jen Aprahamian uses her tech skills to make social good products easier to access.

Globe trotter

Karina Canales

Karina’s love of computers led her from a small town in Peru to her goal working for a global tech company.

Start from scratch

Angelica Pando

New Yorker Angelica Pando is following her dream of becoming a video game designer or NASA engineer

Silicon seamstress

Maddy Maxey

Maddy Maxey is reimagining fashion design with wearable tech.

Love to learn

Daisy Galvan

Daisy Galvan created her own tech pathway and now works at Facebook.

Travelling from Rome2rio

Phoebe Lew

Phoebe Lew mixed her passions for coding and travel to make a difference in the world.

Transforming reality

Rob Nelson

Rob Nelson is creating a 3D world you can access from anywhere through Google's virtual reality platform, Project Daydream.

Feel the heat

Jorge Padilla

Jorge Padilla mixes music with mechanics.

Connecting art with programming

Bugi Kaigwa

Bugi Kaigwa creates character rigs for NBA 2K games.

Helping hands

Bex Rodriguez

By combining coding with her love for helping people, Bex Rodriguez paved her ideal career path.

Coding around the world

Katie Soldau

Katie Soldau moved across the world to chase her dream job.

Empowering youth

Dr Korey Sewell

Computer engineer Dr Korey Sewell teaches young people how to code and build electronics at summer tech camp.

Designing robots

Victoria C Nneji

Victoria C Nneji has created robots that teach humans, and studied the bonds they form with each other.

Fighting inequality

Aura Barrera

Aura Barrera is a high school student using computer science to empower young people.


Ann Mincieli

Ann Mincieli creates your favorite tunes by artists like Alicia Keys and Jay Z.

Code in motion

Sue Perrotto

Sue Perrotto brings animation to life at Disney Junior.

Creating Success

Angelica Inguanzo

Angelica Inguanzo helps others experience film through her passion for computer science.
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