Hispanic coders

Globe trotter Karina Canales, Sales Insights Manager at Google Karina’s love of computers led her from a small town in Peru to her goal working for a global tech company.
Start from scratch Angelica Pando, Backend software engineer at Google New Yorker Angelica Pando is following her dream of becoming a video game designer or NASA engineer
Feel the heat Jorge Padilla, Mechanical engineer Jorge Padilla mixes music with mechanics.
Helping hands Bex Rodriguez, Customer support technician By combining coding with her love for helping people, Bex Rodriguez paved her ideal career path.
Fighting inequality Aura Barrera, High school student Aura Barrera is a high school student using computer science to empower young people.
Creating Success Angelica Inguanzo, Frontend software engineer Angelica Inguanzo helps others experience film through her passion for computer science.