Black American coders

Connecting art with programming Bugi Kaigwa, Technical artist Bugi Kaigwa creates character rigs for NBA 2K games.
Dream bigger Kenechi Ufondu, Frontend software engineer Coding was always a dream job for Kenechi Ufondu
Tools for tech Jamal Eason, Product Manager at Google After earning a degree in Computer Science and serving in the US Army, Jamal Eason is now a Product Manager at Google.
Global coder Tsion Behailu, Google engineer Tsion Behailu dreams of making computer science accessible to everyone.
Fresh start Alicia Carr, App creator Alicia's app, PEVO, helps victims of domestic violence develop a safe exit plan.
Smart solutions Perry Ogwuche, Founder & CEO A practical problem led Perry Ogwuche to a new career.
A brighter mind Clennita Justice, Senior engineering program manager Clennita Justice doesn’t do boredom.
Silicon seamstress Maddy Maxey, Fashion designer Maddy Maxey is reimagining fashion design with wearable tech.
Empowering youth Dr Korey Sewell, Computer engineer Computer engineer Dr Korey Sewell teaches young people how to code and build electronics at summer tech camp.
Designing robots Victoria C Nneji, Robotics engineer Victoria C Nneji has created robots that teach humans, and studied the bonds they form with each other.