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computer coding
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Computer coding near you!

Got a great idea for an app, or want to become a tech entrepreneur? It's time to learn to code and we've rounded up the best in computer coding workshops to help you get there.

movie robot quiz

Which movie robot are you?

Are you loyal and friendly? Or man hunting machine? Which movie robot are you? Match your personality to any one of the best movie robots of all time.

Hispanic Coders
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Computer scientists and Hispanics who are role models for a new generation

AI robot
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How an AI robot will change your career, home and life

Why I fell in love with an AI robot that helped me ace my math study and find an amazing new career pathway in computer science.

Students from the promoting inclusivity in computing program
Business Code + Art Get started Social justice

CS + biology projects promoting inclusivity in computing

Most (67%) of today’s tech jobs are in non-tech fields. And the problems each field has is unique. San Francisco State University is developing tools at the cutting edge of biology and c

Careers with Code event
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Live events

Computer science and ag-tech

Nine ways computer science and ag-tech are helping to feed America's 326 million hungry mouths

Nine ways computer science and ag-tech are helping feed America’s 326 million hungry mouths.

Day in the life of a coder
Code + Art Sustainability

Think every coder’s day is the same? Think again!

Eat. Sleep. Code. Repeat

Future jobs

6 Ways CS is changing future jobs

Learn computer science to make sure you're prepared for the jobs of the future.

learn coding
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Paths to code careers

Ready to launch your CS career but not sure where to start? No problem, we've got you covered.

sports tech

Making waves

Tech skills + surfing = new sports tech.

tech business

Bold ideas

Tech skills + surfing = new sports tech.

sports engineers

Ahead of the game

Sports engineers work behind the scenes developing technology that can power up athletes' performance or reduce the risk of injury.

sports engineers

Tag team

Tech is all about solving real problems. Like catching runaway cows.

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Mentors matter

Even if you have never taken a computer science class, you can thrive here.

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Inspiring mentors

Volunteer mentors of programs like igniteCS are inspiring students in computer science.

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United States of STEM

There’s an easy access, open space where you can learn coding and it’s probably just down the road.

Social justice

Code for your country

Computer scientists impact everything from food and agriculture to military defense.


Building a sustainable society

Building sustainable cities requires many different skills, and CS is at the heart.

media industry
Code + Art

Media brought to life by CS

Popular music today – from indie rock to hip-hop to house – wouldn’t be the same without innovations in computer science and technology.