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San Fran Hour of Code coding careers
Code CS + Be creative Getting a job

San Francisco Turns An Hour of Code Into A Week

Can an hour change your life’s direction? An Hour of Code might. If you're a student in San Fran, finding coding careers or an awesome hobby is even easier!

mechanical engineering
CS + Usability

Where are the best places to study mechanical engineering?

Is Mechanical Engineering the best career for you? It might be if you love operating machines like robots, vehicles, and manufacturing equipment.

upwardly mobile new technology
Code Get into tech

Upwardly mobile

If you need to know exactly where computer science fits in with new technology, you've come to the right place. From bluetooth to GPS, it's all CS.

Navajo Code Talkers
CS + The nation

Navajo Code Talkers

The Navajo Code Talkers were enlisted American Indians in World War II that encrypted their language to hide military secrets. This is their story.

Minecraft hour of code
Clubs & comps CS + The nation

Hour of Code is hours of fun!

Learning to code opens many doors to all different careers of the future. Starting out slow with fun games for all ages in the Hour of Code is the best way to start.

African Library Project coding
Clubs & comps Create social change CS + Social good Get into tech

Coding communities for social good

Code 4 Social Good is the network pairing charities with coding volunteers. Help out the charities like Girls Fly Too or the African Library Project.

sasha2 instagram account
Clubs & comps CS + Be creative

Great 'gram! @SciGirlSash

@SciGirlSash is not your average Instagram account. Sasha loves all things biochemistry and pink, and her account is breaking all the rules of what scientists should look like.

social good apps feeling good
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Makes me appy: apps for social good

Addicted to feeling good? Turn photos into food for the hungry or sponsor a charity with your workout. We've rounded up the best social good apps available.

astronomouse top instagram
CS + Be creative

Great 'gram! @AstronoMouse

Looking for some scroll inspiration? We've rounded up a list of our favourite top Instagram accounts for you to follow. This week, @AstronoMouse!

amazing careers
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9 amazing careers in tech

There are plenty of awesome jobs that don’t require coding all day. Some hardly require any at all!

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Create chatbots by learning to code

Did you know that making chatbots is much more simple than it seems? You can learn to code with our list of convenient resources and chat to your own bot!

computer coding
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Computer coding near you!

Got a great idea for an app, or want to become a tech entrepreneur? It's time to learn to code and we've rounded up the best in computer coding workshops to help you get there.

movie robot quiz
CS + Sustainability

Which movie robot are you?

Are you loyal and friendly? Or man hunting machine? Which movie robot are you? Match your personality to any one of the best movie robots of all time.

Hispanic Coders
CS + Social good Get started

Computer scientists and Hispanics who are role models for a new generation

AI robot
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How an AI robot will change your career, home and life

Why I fell in love with an AI robot that helped me ace my math study and find an amazing new career pathway in computer science.

Students from the promoting inclusivity in computing program
CS + Art CS + Business CS + Social good Get started

CS + biology projects promoting inclusivity in computing

Most (67%) of today’s tech jobs are in non-tech fields. And the problems each field has is unique. San Francisco State University is developing tools at the cutting edge of biology and c

Careers with Code event
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Live events

Computer science and ag-tech
CS + Sustainability

Nine ways computer science and ag-tech are helping to feed America's 326 million hungry mouths

Nine ways computer science and ag-tech are helping feed America’s 326 million hungry mouths.

Day in the life of a coder
CS + Art CS + Sustainability

Think every coder’s day is the same? Think again!

Eat. Sleep. Code. Repeat

Future jobs
CS + Business

6 Ways CS is changing future jobs

Learn computer science to make sure you're prepared for the jobs of the future.