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Computer science student
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Step-by-step checklist

Whatever you want to do for a job, you can get there faster with this step-by-step checklist to computer science study options

Students working in computer science maker space
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Go your own way

How to get into computer science whether you're in middle school, high school or already at college.

Computer science mentors at CSIgnite
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Makers to mentors

Your computer science mentor can change up everything, getting you skilled up in a whole new career area or helping you debug your school project.

Computational thinking in action at Google's NEXT labs.
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What is computational thinking?

Computational thinking... big title, sure, but it’s a pretty basic skill that you’re probably already using and could rocket you forward.

Wearable sensors for sports

Pushing the threshold

Wearable tech is one way computer science sports jobs are giving us the tools to help athletes get better, faster, stronger and fitter.

Anime computer science in everyday
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Computer science in everyday life

Computer science in everyday life - you use it everyday, here's the computer science behind everyday tech and how to create it.

make the world a better place
Social justice

Mission possible

9 ways computer science can make the world a better place.

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Team teach

Anyone can learn to code.

Code + Art

Crafting the future

Torn between a love of art and computer science? It's a no-brainer, you can do both!


Code the planet

From creating ways to protect our oceans, to making us more energy-efficient – computer scientists are on it!


Bringing your A game

Computer science is supercharging training regimes for top sports teams and athletes.


Make your mark

The future of tech is relying on big ideas from all walks of life.

Social justice

Coding for good

Digital tech is driving social change and making a difference.

Code + Art

Creating change

Computer science skills have never been more relevant.

Social justice

Access for all

5 ways Computer Science is making life easier.