CS + Sustainability

movie robot quiz
CS + Sustainability

Which movie robot are you?

Are you loyal and friendly? Or man hunting machine? Which movie robot are you? Match your personality to any one of the best movie robots of all time.

Computer science and ag-tech
CS + Sustainability

Nine ways computer science and ag-tech are helping to feed America's 326 million hungry mouths

Nine ways computer science and ag-tech are helping feed America’s 326 million hungry mouths.

Day in the life of a coder
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Think every coder’s day is the same? Think again!

Eat. Sleep. Code. Repeat

sports engineers
CS + Sustainability

Tag team

Tech is all about solving real problems. Like catching runaway cows.

CS + Sustainability

Building a sustainable society

Building sustainable cities requires many different skills, and CS is at the heart.

CS + Sustainability

Coding in agriculture

Farmers and computer scientists are using data, math and coding skills to make farming greener, more productive, and more efficient.

CS + Sustainability

Code the planet

From creating ways to protect our oceans, to making us more energy-efficient – computer scientists are on it!