Social justice

Hispanic Coders
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Computer scientists and Hispanics who are role models for a new generation

Students from the promoting inclusivity in computing program
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CS + biology projects promoting inclusivity in computing

Most (67%) of today’s tech jobs are in non-tech fields. And the problems each field has is unique. San Francisco State University is developing tools at the cutting edge of biology and c

Social justice

Code for your country

Computer scientists impact everything from food and agriculture to military defense.

technology building leaders
Social justice

Technology building leaders

When Teens Exploring Technology set up a hackathon in South LA, they aimed to show the world where true innovation is happening.

social good
Social justice

Coding for change

Computer scientists working in social good are tackling everything from climate change to feeding the hungry!

make the world a better place
Social justice

Mission possible

9 ways computer science can make the world a better place.

Social justice

Coding for good

Digital tech is driving social change and making a difference.

Social justice

Access for all

5 ways Computer Science is making life easier.