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Computer science student
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Step-by-step checklist

Whatever you want to do for a job, you can get there faster with this step-by-step checklist to computer science study options

Students working in computer science maker space
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Go your own way

How to get into computer science whether you're in middle school, high school or already at college.

Computer science mentors at CSIgnite
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Makers to mentors

Your computer science mentor can change up everything, getting you skilled up in a whole new career area or helping you debug your school project.

Computational thinking in action at Google's NEXT labs.
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What is computational thinking?

Computational thinking... big title, sure, but it’s a pretty basic skill that you’re probably already using and could rocket you forward.

Anime computer science in everyday
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Computer science in everyday life

Computer science in everyday life - you use it everyday, here's the computer science behind everyday tech and how to create it.

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Team teach

Anyone can learn to code.