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Study Business and Computer science
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Top 5 Schools to Study Computer Science and Business

Computer science and business are two career fields that are set to boom in the future, so we've rounded up the top 5 best universities for CS & business.

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Amy Lo is a software engineer working on Google Photos.

Amy Lo started her study pathway in biology and wasn't sure computing was her forte.

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9 amazing careers in tech

There are plenty of awesome jobs that don’t require coding all day. Some hardly require any at all!

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Create chatbots by learning to code

Did you know that making chatbots is much more simple than it seems? You can learn to code with our list of convenient resources and chat to your own bot!

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Computer coding near you!

Got a great idea for an app, or want to become a tech entrepreneur? It's time to learn to code and we've rounded up the best in computer coding workshops to help you get there.

Hispanic Coders
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Computer scientists and Hispanics who are role models for a new generation

AI robot
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How an AI robot will change your career, home and life

Why I fell in love with an AI robot that helped me ace my math study and find an amazing new career pathway in computer science.

Students from the promoting inclusivity in computing program
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CS + biology projects promoting inclusivity in computing

Most (67%) of today’s tech jobs are in non-tech fields. And the problems each field has is unique. San Francisco State University is developing tools at the cutting edge of biology and c

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Live events

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Paths to code careers

Ready to launch your CS career but not sure where to start? No problem, we've got you covered.

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Mentors matter

Even if you have never taken a computer science class, you can thrive here.

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Inspiring mentors

Volunteer mentors of programs like igniteCS are inspiring students in computer science.

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United States of STEM

There’s an easy access, open space where you can learn coding and it’s probably just down the road.

Computer science student
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Step-by-step checklist

Whatever you want to do for a job, you can get there faster with this step-by-step checklist to computer science study options

Students working in computer science maker space
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Go your own way

How to get into computer science whether you're in middle school, high school or already at college.

Computer science mentors at CSIgnite
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Makers to mentors

Your computer science mentor can change up everything, getting you skilled up in a whole new career area or helping you debug your school project.

Computational thinking in action at Google's NEXT labs.
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What is computational thinking?

Computational thinking... big title, sure, but it’s a pretty basic skill that you’re probably already using and could rocket you forward.

Anime computer science in everyday
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Computer science in everyday life

Computer science in everyday life - you use it everyday, here's the computer science behind everyday tech and how to create it.

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Team teach

Anyone can learn to code.