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Students from the promoting inclusivity in computing program
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CS + biology projects promoting inclusivity in computing

Most (67%) of today’s tech jobs are in non-tech fields. And the problems each field has is unique. San Francisco State University is developing tools at the cutting edge of biology and c

Day in the life of a coder
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Think every coder’s day is the same? Think again!

Eat. Sleep. Code. Repeat

media industry
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Media brought to life by CS

Popular music today – from indie rock to hip-hop to house – wouldn’t be the same without innovations in computer science and technology.

ux design
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Design the future

People working in computer science and usability can go on to become technical artists, software engineers, work in UX design and more.

Anime computer science in everyday
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Computer science in everyday life

Computer science in everyday life - you use it everyday, here's the computer science behind everyday tech and how to create it.

CS + Art

Crafting the future

Torn between a love of art and computer science? It's a no-brainer, you can do both!