Top 5 Schools to Study Computer Science and Business

With the recent graduate job crisis, an emphasis has been placed on receiving an education that ensures job security. Two of the leading career paths that have been proven to give students success are the fields of computer science and business.

According to the US Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be an influx of jobs in computer science by 2022. 74% of these will evolve out of STEM jobs. With that outlook, studying a specialization in computer science is a sure way to land a job after graduation.

In business, it’s expected that management analysts, market research analysts, and marketing specialists will be highly sought-after by 2024. You’ll need a degree if you want to get ahead, however, an abundance of vacancies means there’s wiggle room to find the perfect occupation to match a person’s interests and skill levels.

We’ve broken down the top 5 best universities in Business and Computer Science, to give you the skills you need to land a great job.

Stanford University best universities to study computer science and business

1. Stanford University

Knowing that Stanford is primarily responsible for aiding in the growth of Silicon Valley should be credit enough for anyone looking to study computer science. Besides links to the Kingdom of Computer Science, Stanford also boasts having some of the top technology company CEOs as their alumni. The founders of Google, Yahoo, Electronic Arts are just some of the big names who began their studies here.

They also have a rich 50-year history of teaching computer science. From strength to strength, Stanford has devised a plan to ensure that their classes will place students at the cutting edge of computer science and technology. With 49 Nobel Prizes, 27 MacArthur Fellows awards under their belts, Stanford produces the best of the best in computer science.

University of Oxford best universities to study computer science and business

2. University of Oxford

Although the business school is relatively young at 20 years old, it’s been producing savvy and effective businessmen and women. The classes are taught in small group tutorials which emphasize a hands-on approach to teaching, providing students a more experience-based education rather than the old chalk-and-board method.

The school covers business, management, and finance, ticking all of those boxes for jobs to keep an eye on in the future. Postgraduate programs offer not only the standard Master’s Program and Doctorate program, but there is also the choice of selecting an executive Master’s program and the ability to extend the one-year degree to combine it with another specialized Master’s program.

MIT best universities to study computer science and business

3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT is a no-brainer when it comes to one of the best universities to study computer science and business. For computer science, it’s in the name! Similar to Stanford, MIT has a healthy 63 Nobel Prizes to its name and can count Colin Angel (creator of IRobot Corporation) and William Reddington Hewlett (who co-created the Hewlett-Packard Company) amongst its alumni. MIT has numerous computer research laboratories, including one devoted to Artificial Intelligence. They’re the leader in nanotechnology, information theory, and bioinformatics.

University of Cambridge best universities to study computer science and business

4. University of Cambridge

Ranking among the oldest universities, Cambridge offers a similar style of instruction as Oxford for their students. In the business field, classes are split into small groups called college supervisions. This ensures that each student is given the direction and time they require to learn effectively. With this one-on-one focus, students can be sure that they learn the material quickly and thoroughly. Cambridge can claim up to 92 Nobel Prizes, making it a strong leader in producing some of the world’s best alumni.

University of California Berkeley best universities to study computer science and business

5. University of California Berkeley

Berkeley is one of the universities to produce the most Ph.D. graduates in the world, and remains a well-respected public school. Berkeley’s alumni and students have also contributed to a long history of computer science and technology. Networking is easy thanks to its location in California, allowing students to find work quickly. Berkeley also boasts one of the best Master’s programs in financial engineering, landing 94% of students in high-paying jobs upon graduation, and making it a wise choice for business students as well.

– Abby Drexler

Abby Drexler is a contributing writer and media specialist for Exam Edge. She regularly produces content for a variety of education blogs.

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