Hour of Code is hours of fun!

Have you registered for the Hour of Code yet? It’s a fun way to get students, teachers and communities alike involved in tech adventures they may not have tried before. Learning to code opens many doors to all different careers of the future, and starting out slow with a game or tutorial is the best way to get involved. It’s engaging, problem-solving fun that you can do for more than just one hour, but the Hour of Code is a good way to start.

How do I get involved?

1. Plan ahead.

Take a look at the list of activities you could try. There’s games of all different types for all different ages. If you’re doing the hour of code with your class, shortlist your favourites to share with your classmates – you might end up working on them together.

If you’re a teacher, shortlist some games that will suit your students to streamline the process. Write the URLs on the board beforehand.

We like the look of Graphics in JavaScript and Gumball’s Coding Adventure. They’ve even brought Minecraft to the Hour of Code this year!

2. Make sure everyone knows about it.

Tell your friends. Tell them to tell their friends. Tell your teachers, parents and friends’ parents! You never know who might be interested in joining you or starting their own hour of code.

If you’re a teacher, use this handy list of resources like hand-outs and posters that you can use to decorate your classrooms and hallways.

3. Get coding!

Join in on the fun when the time rolls around and make sure to share your #hourofcode moments on social media.

If you’re a teacher, it’s ok to work through problems with students. Not all of us are going to be coding experts straight away (you included), so partner up struggling students with others that may have more experience or choose a different activity.

4. Award your hard work.

You can print out certificates, stickers or you could even order custom Hour of Code t-shirts for your school! Have fun with it and celebrate the successes – and make sure you don’t stop coding!

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