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9 amazing careers in tech

There are plenty of awesome jobs that don’t require coding all day. Some hardly require any at all!

1. Information architect

These non-coders make sure that you easily find the information you need on a website by structuring, labeling and organizing content.

STUDY: Information technology (IT) or computer science

CS USED: Human-computer interaction

amazing careers

2. Growth hacker

Far from just a buzzword, growth hackers use their digital knowhow to find the most effective ways to grow businesses and develop a product.

STUDY: Digital marketing or an online course in growth hacking

CS USED: Web data extraction

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3. Mobile app designer

These designers create the look and feel of mobile apps and websites so that it is an enjoyable experience for the user.

STUDY: Information technology or computer science with a major in mobile applications

CS USED: Web development

amazing careers

4. User interface (UI) designer

From computers to home appliances, UI designers make sure that a device’s screen, buttons and icons are simple to use.

STUDY: Digital media, communication or computer science

CS USED: Cognitive systems

amazing careers

5. User experience (UX) designer

These designers improve the accessibility, usability and user satisfaction of a product by carefully designing its branding, function and layout.

STUDY: Communication design, design computing or multimedia design

CS USED: Wireframing

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6. System administrator

When tech goes wrong in an organization, system administrators are there to fix it, whether it’s troubleshooting software or creating firewalls.

STUDY: Information technology

CS USED: System configuration

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7. Technical writer

These writers use their technical knowhow to write instruction manuals, reports, website copy and press releases.

STUDY: Communications, journalism or a technical area, such as engineering, computer science or science

CS USED: Any area you choose to write about!

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8. Search engine optimization (SEO) consultant

SEO consultants optimize a website’s content so that it ranks highly in a search engine, making it easy for users to find.

STUDY: Information technology or computer science

CS USED: Link building

amazing careers

9. Data analyst

Whether it’s sales figures or transportation costs, data analysts collect and use data to help businesses make better decisions and solve problems.

STUDY: Applied analytics or data science

CS USED: Data scaping

amazing careers

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