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Shape tomorrow’s world: Employment insights at the Careers with Code event.

Careers with Code connects students with people whose careers utilise computer science (CS), providing inspiring career information around the jobs of the future. It’s about combining computer science skills with a student’s ‘X’ – their passions, goals, interests or another field.

We celebrated the launch of the 2017 issue in September and the new website with a panel discussion on the opportunities for increasing diversity in tech through the inclusive narrative of CS + X. In this exciting panel we met four inspiring people whose work combines CS skills with art.

Hosted by Google and STEM publishers Refraction Media, the event included a panel and interactive audience discussion including some of our amazing Careers with Code CS-champions talking about their career journey, barriers and path.

Meet the speakers!

Mo Fong, Director, Google K-12 Education Outreach 

Mo Fong, Google

Mo has been at Google for over 10 years and  is the Director of Google’s K-12 Education Initiatives with the mission of increasing the number girls and under-represented minorities pursuing studies and careers in computer science and other STEM fields.  Prior to this role, she was a finance director and Chief Compliance Officer for Google Wallet and worked at PayPal.  She also served as the Executive Director for the Stanford Educational Leadership Initiatives (— a joint program between the Stanford GSB and GSE working on large scale education reform.  She was also as a high school vice principal and taught math and chemistry.  Mo holds an MBA from Harvard Business School, and a BS in ChemE and MA in Education from Stanford University.

CaT Bobino, In the Know Science Show, The STEM Ambassador – ‎Operation HOPE

CaT Bobino

CaT Bobino is a STEM Ambassador with a Masters degree in Biology.  With her work on various television stations and special programs, in the community, and throughout many speaking engagements, CaT Bobino is spreading the knowledge of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.  Ms. Bobino has been featured on the show Genius with Stephen Hawking.  She has also written, directed, and stared in programs for KQED.  Currently, Ms. Bobino produces a weekly show where she interviews diverse people in STEM as a way of showcasing the different opportunities that are out there for students.  She has also organized trips to various STEM centers, has been a guest speaker for numerous organizations, and is the author of In The Know: Setting Up Your Child For A STEM Career.  She is a biologist, teacher, speaker, host, and is also currently on the board for Self e-STEM, a nonprofit that focuses on encouraging young girls of color to learn about and pursue and education in STEM.  With a background in science, CaT Bobino also helps with creating and implementing science programs and opportunities for Bay Area youth.

Maegan Clawges, UX engineer, YouTube

Maegan Clawges

Maegan studied journalism and loved math in high school. A visual learner, she combines her arts and coding skills in her work as a UX engineer at YouTube. Read Maegan’s profile here!

Gini Santos, Supervising Animator, Pixar

Gini Santos

Gini has worked on many of Pixar’s most popular animations, including Coco, Toy Story and Finding Nemo. She was born in the Phillipines and grew up in Guam, and worked in advertising before studying for a Master of Animation in New York. Read Gini’s profile here!

Bugi Kaigwa, Technical Artist, Visual Concepts Entertainment

Bugi Kaigwa

Bugi took a non-traditional role to his work creating character rigs as a technical artist at Visual Concepts Entertainment, first studying finance and graphics. Read Bugi’s profile here!

Bryan Twarek

Bryan Twarek (“BT”) is the Computer Science Program Administrator for the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD), where he works to expand equitable access to rigorous, relevant, and engaging computer science instruction for all public school students from pre-kindergarten to twelfth grade. To this end, he oversees the policy, curriculum, professional development, and teacher support. He is also a Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) Board of Directors member and chair of the California Computer Science Standards Advisory Committee.

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