Find your perfect pathway to amazing jobs in Careers with Code.

Careers with Code is a magazine and online resource for 14–18 year olds and anyone else interested in future careers that mix computer science with their skills, interests and passion – giving you the ability to change the world! It’s free to download and updated each year.

We show how computer science can help young people create a dream career in any field, including health, sports, business, fashion, virtual reality and other exciting industries.

Careers with Code is created by STEM specialist publishing company Refraction Media in partnership with Google. We feature surprising computer science careers, tips and pathways – beyond being top of the class or getting the best degree. It’s about enabling everyone to access career ideas to create their own future.

Computer science jobs are some of the most highly paid, but CS skills can also launch a unique career. Think of Perry Ogwuche, who started a shipping company to deliver products faster and more cheaply to his native Nigeria. Or Maddy Maxey, founder of Loomia, who weaves tech with fashion to create smart clothes that monitor your posture.

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Careers with Code supplies ideas, actions and information to help students find and define their dream job. Download the magazine for free hereorder copies for your school, and give us feedback on this pilot edition. We’d love to hear from you!

We hope you enjoy the first US edition of Careers with Code. If you’d like ideas on how to use it in your classroom, visit the ‘for schools’ section. You can also check out the Australia-New Zealand edition here.

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